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candidates with long-term potential who are capable of driving change in a scientific environment shaped by regulations and globalization.


With over 20 years of experience in the sector, the Health and Life Sciences business unit recruits candidates with long-term potential who are able to apply their skills in a constantly evolving scientific environment shaped by regulations and globalization. In this context, rationalizing healthcare expenditures is increasingly becoming a priority. Our consultants are tasked with understanding the changes currently impacting business models. They specifically look for managers who bring a high level of added value and who are skilled at adapting to change. These managers enable companies in the health and life sciences sector to better adapt to their dynamic work environment.

Sectors: the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, health institutions, medical supplies, diagnostics, private hospitals and veterinary medicine, among others.

PIIRH Health and Life Sciences recruits health professionals for a wide variety of positions, including:

  • R&D: R&D Director, Head of Clinical Development, Head of Industrial Development, Head of Pre-Clinical Research and Development and Research Team Leader.

  • Sales and Marketing: Sales and Marketing Director, Major Accounts Manager, Sales Director, Business Unit Director, Territory Customer Manager and Product or Product Line Manager.

  • Medical and Scientific: Medical Director, Medical Product Manager, Regional Medical Officer, Clinical Development Project Manager, R&D Director and Director or Head of Regulatory Affairs.

  • Pharmacoeconomics and Price Transparency: Director of Economic Affairs, Head of Pharmacoeconomic Studies, Head of Epidemiological Studies, Head of Price Transparency, Head of Market Access and Head of Regulatory Affairs and Registration.

  • Business Development: Business Development Director, Head of Product Development and Head of Product Portfolio Management.

  • Management: Health Center Director, Flow Manager and Operating Room Manager.

  • Manufacturing: Site Director, Manufacturing Director, Head of Quality Assurance, Head of Quality Control, HSE Manager, Production Head, QHSE Director and Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement Manager.


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