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PIIRH’s mission is to leverage shared values to create the perfect synergy between candidates and companies.


Our mission

  • We see each of our recruiting assignments as an opportunity to hire a candidate with long-term growth potential, rather than simply fill a current opening. Hiring is, above all, a chance for a company to strengthen its position for the future. PIIRH Executive Search has experience working in all key divisions, including sales, marketing, finance, human resources, industrial services and logistics, purchasing, business development, R&D and quality assurance.

  • Our goal is to provide our clients with added value by advising them in the recruitment process. This is why PIIRH Executive Search is dedicated to gaining a thorough understanding of candidates’ professional goals and skills in addition to clients’ needs. This allows us to give candidates the best possible guidance.

  • As a cutting-edge recruitment firm, we seek to identify the shared values and needs of candidates and companies in order to foster and develop the perfect synergy between them and create shared value.

Our values

PIIRH Executive Search is committed to achieving the following goals, which help to ensure that our work meets the highest standards for performance, innovation and integrity :

  • Prioritizing measurable results using a clear timeline.
  • Using comprehensive, flexible processes that ensure the objectivity of our recommendations.
  • Guaranteeing accountability, a key part of our identity, in all of our actions and decisions.
  • Maintaining complete confidentiality.
  • Communicating regular progress reports.
  • Above all, we are committed to achieving results using quantifiable commitments and guarantees.


  • Building relationships based on trust and demonstrated results with key players in the health and manufacturing sectors, among others.

  • Leveraging our organizational and operational knowledge of the different markets where we work in order to anticipate changes in different trades that will impact job requirements.

  • Providing personalized services to companies and candidates alike in order to meet their specific needs.

  • Designing comprehensive, flexible processes that produce results and leave both companies and candidates happy.

PIIRH Executive Search creates value for companies and candidates by using the company’s principles and requirements as the basis for selecting candidates throughout the search, assessment and recruitment processes.



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