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PIIRH specializes in providing custom solutions to meet our clients’ goals.


The right skills to meet your needs

At PIIRH Executive Search, we adapt our approach to each client’s unique situation :

  • During the hiring process, we analyze the degree to which the candidate’s profile matches the job description. Our consultants look closely at the candidate’s experience, skills and personality in order to determine which job requirements he or she does or does not fill.

  • After a promotion, we help the candidate to develop and highlight the skills that he or she will need to apply in the new job. Together, we use this analysis to identify those skills that may need further development in order to help the candidate succeed in the new position.

  • During a career change, we identify and measure each candidate’s potential and priorities, including salary requirements, skills, knowledge and areas where there is room for improvement, in order to give the candidate and/or company the best possible recommendations.


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